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Oil Pulling Signature Collection


Oil pulling strengthens the gums, helps remove unwanted bacteria and oil-soluble contaminants from the mouth, and supports healthy oral tissues.

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The Ayurvedic Practice Of Oil Pulling, Similar To Mouthwash, Is Used To Refresh The Breath And Remove Excess Build-Up. Oil Pulling Strengthens The Gums, Helps Remove Unwanted Bacteria And Oil-Soluble Contaminants From The Mouth, And Supports Healthy Oral Tissues. When We Sleep, Our Bodies Excrete Toxic Buildup Through Our Tongues; Bacteria Gathers In Our Mouths. Cleaning The Tongue And Practicing Oil Pulling Help Ensure That This Process Is As Effective As Possible. Just A Single Sip Of Pure Oil Swished Once Daily Can Transform Your Oral Health And Improve Your Overall Well Being.

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