Sanctuary Wellness Experience



face Fitness


Face Fitness

45 mins

Sculpting, rejuvenation, alignment, lymph drainage and relaxation.


The Secret Celebrity

2.5 hours

Forget poisonous injectables. This famous NOTOX treatment begins with a gemstone aromatherapy facial massage followed by Myopulse therapy. The Myopulse reads the muscle tissue in your face and determines the frequency needed to help encourage your musculature to lay back In its intended position. We then apply a protein lifting and tissue rebuilding mask. As the mask hardens on your face it causes vasodilatation, which helps to wash the cells of impurities, encourage cell renewal and offer a more lifted appearance. We finish off the treatment with an O2 infusion of CryoStem™ cells to help with the appearance of wrinkles, shrink pores and hydrate your skin at a cellular level.

*no longer on the menu




Yamuna Structural Integrative Massage

60 mins

This massage incorporates Yamuna ball rolling on the massage table to correct alignment of the muscles and bones throughout the body and effortlessly increase freedom of movement.


Custom Massage

90 mins

Our massage therapist will build a perfect massage for you based on the pressure you prefer and the needs you would like to address during the treatment.



55 mins

As the body becomes overwhelmed with toxic exposure from both the environment and lifestyle, the liver can get bombarded and toxic. Mud packing creates a thermal effect which establishes deep intrinsic cellular cleansing. The result has the ability to provide quick resolution of many aches, pains, old injuries, as well as increase energy.


This dynamic and unique body contouring treatment helps smooth, tighten and lift your body. Treatment time/40 minutes

Body Contouring

40 mins
8 Sessions for $975 | 16 Sessions for $1550 (Inch loss guaranteed)


Yamuna body rolling is a workout in conjunction with a personal massage. It encourages body elongation, toning, and structural alignment. We focus on origin to insertion points of the musculature system and work to elongate shortened and tight muscle groups. It’s fun and transformational at the same time.

Fascia Release & Elongation

55 mins
Private Session $95 | Group Class $25 (3 person minimum $25 per class)




The BioCharger™ NG is a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform. This transmitted energy stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance. It is completely non invasive and has proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity. 


15 mins
One Session $50 | Five Sessions $195 | Ten Sessions $395


During this treatment you will lay on an infrared mat that uses thirty pounds of amethyst crystals as the heat conductor while castor oil packs are strategically placed in areas where the body needs liberation. 

Liver and Kidney Optimization Therapy

55 mins
One Session $150


Taking our thoughts captive and focusing on an intention can be a challenging discipline but its benefits have the potential to produce quantum leaps of transformation. Experience a relaxing guided meditation complimented by the vibrational resonance of crystal singing bowls.

Sound Therapy

30 mins
One Session $125


Nutrition & Digestion


Digestion and nutrient assimilation are fundamental keys to vitality, longevity, balanced mood, aging gracefully, feeling pain free and maintaining optimum weight. You will take an intestinal biofeedback tes,. with the insights into your body that we uncover, we will then customize a nutritional program to help optimize your gut health. 

Optimize Digestion

55 mins
One Session $125


Ever scour the aisles of your local health store and wonder which supplements are best for your specific body type and current condition? You are not alone. This is a common question that we have exciting answers for. Through electrodermal screening of each meridian point, we are able to see which organs or glands are in need of support. Once we assess the organs and glands in need of support we can test which particular food or supplements best nourish the current need. Therefore all supplements and dosages are specific to your epigenetic code.

Custom Nutritional Program

75 mins
One Session $395




Make-up training & tutorial

55 mins
One Session $60

The Sanctuary artistry team is known for work in: film, high fashion print, and weddings. We love what we do and it shows. If you are looking for an education on how to achieve a flawless complexion or just want to change up your make-up wardrobe, we are here to help.


Make-up training & tutorial with Tracy Duhs

55 mins
One Session $125