Sanctuary Wellness Experience



 “The time I spent at the 3-Day Wellness Retreat at The Sanctuary Wellness Experience was life altering.  Upon arrival, Tracy asked me to turn in my cellphone and I was able to disconnect from all the distractions going on around me.  Tracy designed a program for me that addressed my health needs and personal preferences.  I had a relaxing massage using all-natural products which helped me release tension and set the tone for a weekend of rest and rejuvenation.  At Sunset Cliffs, I enjoyed the scenic ocean view during a much-needed stretching session.  Also, there was an invigorating Yamuna body rolling session on the beach at sunset.  The painting class with Louie was a wonderful experience that brought out my creative side.  The food was incredible.  All meals were prepared using fresh organic produce from Tracy’s garden and other fresh ingredients from the local food coop.  At the end of the three days, I left feeling recharged and ready to take on another busy week of work.” 

Bob Savel // Biotech Executive



“When I arrived at The Sanctuary Wellness Experience for the retreat, Tracy greeted me with her warm, caring smile and immediately I sensed a calmness in the atmosphere.  Tracy encouraged me to hand in my cellphone and although atfirst I was hesitant, I felt a sigh of relief knowing this was my opportunity to unplug from the outside world and focus on myself.  Next, Tracy escorted me to my room: a clean, fresh inviting cabana near the beach where a lovely little treat and elixir were waiting for me to enjoy.   Soon after, I joined Tracy in the spa for a bioenergetic screening, a test used to pinpoint the organs and glands that needed support.  Tracy used the results from this screening to customize a program that met my health needs at that time, as she does with each guest at the retreat.  My program included a BioCharger session which helped me re-charge at the cellular level, a mud packing session to release toxins in my body, an empowering stretching session on the beach, a make-up training session using Jane Iredale’s all-natural products, an inspiring painting session with Louie and opportunities to relax by the fire with seven other guests chatting and exchanging stories.  I had a secret celebrity facial that began with an invigorating gemstone aromatherapy massage which helped to drain stagnant lymph and reduce inflammation.  The esthetician used the most luxurious fruit enzymes, facial oil washes, and prestigious all-natural skin products designed to restore the health and vitality of the skin from the inside out.  My favorite part of the celebrity facial was the Myopulse facial treatment which reduced the appearance of lines on my face without the use of poisonous injectables. Throughout this three day retreat, I enjoyed delicious hydrating foods, soothing teas and elixirs, and hand crafted meals that were fresh and organic.  My experience at the retreat was life changing and I experienced healing at a whole new level.”  

Ronda Savel // Marketing and Sales



“The Sanctuary Wellness Spa is just like a sanctuary. It is a great place to go have a cup of tea and discuss what’s going on with you. Tracy, the owner and spa director makes it all about “you” and is beyond knowledgeable about your mind, body and wellness in every sense of the word. She suggests and knows about the minerals to help so many aspects of your body’s well-being. Her products are so pure and natural. She knows every ingredient in every product she has in the spa – what it’s benefits are and how they will work for you. I feel so comfortable and confident with her recommendations. One of my favorite products for your face and décolletage is the 1000 Roses oil. Yum! I put it on my face and neck day and night. It’s pure heaven on your skin. The Sanctuary is my “go to” for wonderful facials and products. I love my aesthetician, Lexi. She creates a peaceful and relaxed experience each time I come in for a facial. She looks at my skin and knows exactly the right treatment. I walk out refreshed, relaxed and my skin looks and feels renewed and radiant. This boutique spa has so much to offer in a lovely, clean and warm environment.”

Robin De Ryckere // Publisher/Owner, ABOUT TOWN MAGAZINES



“I can not say enough glowing things about my experience at The Sanctuary. It is a true oasis. I felt so pampered and relaxed. Tracy runs The Sanctuary with such love and care, that I felt like I was with family, having an incredible and luxurious experience. I was nurtured, both inside and out. I have brought my own Mom and Sister to enjoy The Sanctuary, and I whole heartedly recommend special place to everyone.”

Erin Cahill // Actor